Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sew Neglected

I ventured into my craft room today...One reason why I have completely neglected it for, er, a very long time is because the room, for some reason, is the hottest room in the house.  There is no way it would be tolerable from July-August.  This room has become the place to put "stuff" too.  None the less I went in to tonight and turned on my sewing machine in what seems like ages.  Now, I am no professional sewer by any means.  I would love to be one of those people who can look at a shirt and do a refashion and someday *fingers* crossed look at a piece of fabric and turn it into something amazing.  For now I'll stick to some basics.

I dug out some of the finished projects I actually have.  Now last year at this time I was waiting for my new niece or nephew to grace us with their presence and I was convinced "it" was going to be a she...Well...

This little boy graced our family in January

So, here is what I still have in my finished projects box
Onesie with apple print apple, leggings made from socks and a dress refashioned from a tank top.

My new goal is to sew Monday-Thursday for at least half hour...we'll see how this goes!

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  1. I know this is old, but your post reminds me of when we were younger and went to the sewing at JoAnns when it was in the mall. We made boxers (mine were made of Cowboys material if course!) I hope your sewing is going well. I actually aske for a sewing machine for my birthday, however with a super tiny house and barely anytime for myself, that wish will probably stay on the wish list! Good luck with your sewings!