Monday, April 29, 2013

Scarf Organization

My nesting is taking over and everything must be organized, and re-organized...and possibly organized a third time.

I had previously been using the nursery as a guest room and the closet as a linen closet. All that has changed, which when they re-organization is finished I will share, but I was left with a hanging organizer that previously held my towels that was just too much of an organizers dream not to repurpose.

I found the hanging closet organizer at Wal-Mart, I think it was around $20.

Photo from
Now two things about me, one I live in Western PA and two I love scarves, hence I wear them pretty much year round due to our temperamental weather. As far as the rest of our winter accessories it's safe to say you WON'T need them in June, July and August...I actually don't feel very safe saying that. Anyways, the idea of packing everything away and pulling it back out doesn't really make too much sense. So the above became our winter accessory/scarf organization.

There are six small compartments and three large compartments, which fit everything perfectly, and I even have a little room to grow my collection!

Starting in the top left and going clockwise I have: Winter Pittsburgh sport team hate (Garrett has just a couple), all other hats, ear warmers and small crocheted scarves and gloves.

Bottom right: crocheted scarves. Bottom left:  light weight "fashion" scarves. Top:  Pittsburgh sports team scarves and other miscellaneous winter scarves.
Bottom: fleece scarves. Top: Pashminas.

It's so nice having everything in one place and not certain scarves looped around a closet rod and others stashes away in a container somewhere. I think this may be the last organization of these...for now.


  1. Great idea! I had to chuckle when you said the nesting instinct is settling in. I got SO much done at that time! LOL Glad you are feeling well!

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